Vaughan (still) hopeful of Ashes spot

Devon is treating me to its most spectacular storm today so I’m slumped in front of the TV this morning. And I happened to see Michael Vaughan on Sky News just now who is playing golf in Scotland.

Devon before the storm

The event, he claims, is a perfect exercise for his troubled knee and I see Cricinfo has some quotes from him (usual Vaughan stuff – he could yet play in the Ashes, etc etc)

Vaughan’s career is over

Since Vaughan last played a Test both Alastair Cook and Paul Collingwood have scored Test match centuries: by the time next summer comes round, who knows, they might have four apiece. Any player, Vaughan included, can become yesterday’s man very quickly, left behind in the wake of the next generation. He could be trying to get fit only to be discarded.


His knee, in other words, is shot, its condition chronic. In which case this is no longer about getting Vaughan fit for cricket. It is about trying to make sure that by the time he enters middle age he is not doing so on a stick.

Mike Selvey in today’s Guardian.

Michael Vaughan is out of the Ashes

Not surprising, but what a tossing nightmare that is for England. My thoughts on it tomorrow. Sorry for lack of updates but, then, not a lot’s been going on. Go to Cricinfo for more on Vaughan.

Vaughan out of the Ashes

An oddity for you. Just went to my local Starbucks in Barnes to pickup a Mocha, and heard either a Spaniard or an Italian talk about Michael Vaughan! I was in a rush, and so were they, so I didn’t intrude, but heard from them that he is out of this year’s Ashes. Quite bizarre. Got home, logged onto Cricinfo who (of course) had it first.

So that it, folks. After much speculation, Michael Vaughan is to have further knee surgery and will almost certainly miss this winter’s 2006-07 Ashes series. A bitter blow, but at least England now have something concrete on which to base their selections. A permanent captain, in both forms of the game, now must be decided upon. Andrew Flintoff cannot be the man and, to be honest, nor should Andrew Strauss. It’s been a tough one-day series for him, but I don’t think he has shown enough “kick arse” to warrant leading his country.

That’s why Vaughan was so good; laid back on the surface, yet ruthless, determined and fiercely proud underneath.

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More bad news for England

It looks like Michael Vaughan’s knee isn’t going to get better any time soon.

Vaughan out of first Test

Knee’s still crook. Tresco takes over. More here.

Michael Vaughan’s knee

Vaughan’s bloody knee is giving him some jip again, and his chances of playing on Saturday aren’t crash hot. Not good. The start to this tour has been wobbly, shaky and unconvincing – much like Vaughan’s limp off the field. Talk of ligament damage which is disasterous, and could rule him out of the tour.

But he’s recovered from it before, which is a good thing. Can’t imagine there’s enough time for him to make it for Saturday…