Trescothick had a virus

So, Marcus Trescothick’s reasons for leaving India have been revealed today. He had a virus and cited the endless amount of international cricket as reasons for his departure. I hope he makes a swift return; his importance to England cannot be underestimated.

More bad news for England

It looks like Michael Vaughan’s knee isn’t going to get better any time soon.

My First Bulletin

I’m sounding like a commercial for a toy company or something with that headline. I’ve been awake and alive since 2.30am – much to the great amusement of my boss. Anyway, an interesting day’s play at Faisalabad which Pakistan ended well on top. I dread to think what Afridi could do tomorrow. I was doing the bulletin, which is a far harder task than anyone can give credit for, which was all going swimmingly until my close-of-play report…which was a rather limp effort. But, it’s all a learning curve and “things can only get better!” etc. Marvellous.

Autumnal cricket

Ahhh, it’s been quite a few days. I’ve recovered, remarkably, from the early starts which are not nearly as bad as I thought. Nevertheless, I’m exhausted and looking forward to my first pint in well over a week at t’pub. Before I go, have a peek at this splendiferous photo:

Cricket photo in autumn