Video of Inzamam falling over his stumps

Inzamam-ul-Haq is a man-mountain. A huge, hulking figure who rarely bothers breaking into a sweat yet is one of the very finest batsman Pakistan has produced. Despite all that, he is still seven parts great to three parts comical – and his dismissal yesterday rather summed him up.

He had played beautifully, cutting powerfully past point to get off the mark and launching a counterattack on England…before he lost his balance. Monty Panesar, bowling around the wicket, tossed one up on his leg stump which turned away and Inzy, attempting a sweep missed it…and lost his balance.

Tumbling over his stumps – he flicked off the bails with his arm – he actually did really well not to crush the stumps completely! If you look at the video below you’ll see the stumps not move an inch. Brilliant to watch – the sound (it’s called music, I think) is absolutely dreadful but, somehow, adds to the whole comical atmosphere of it all.

If you can’t see the video below, click here

George Bush plus cricket equals hilarity

Take one American president, sprinkle with cricket, sit back and relax.

If, like me, you find anything George Bush says, or does, utterly hilarious – not to mention inexplicable, without cause or reason etc etc – then please look at him playing cricket. It’s very funny. Blogged at The Googly, and the BBC have a gallery of photos which, as is Bush’s want, make him look a complete retard. Splendid!

I mean will you look at him?

George Bush playing cricket