A cheap way to get drunk

Drink with a hangover. Works every time, and cheap too!


Once a year, Wormsley, John Paul Getty’s spectacular homemade ground near Henley, plays host to Wisden. Near enough the entire London office converge on the ground, accompanied by a very large number of anonymous corporate people (who we are indebted to; thanks a lot; you pay our wages [insert sycophancy here]). And it was spectacular.

After sampling the sponsor’s beer, Pimms and rum during the afternoon, and finishing it off on the bus home, many Wisden people converged on the nearest pub to Paddington. And come closing time, many had trouble remembering who they were and what they did – nevermind where they lived. I was steaming and it was a brilliant end to a damn fine day out.

Before beer took over the day, I took quite a few photos and will stick them up here once I’ve recovered.

It’s my birthday. Buy me things

Now I really ought to have given my faithful readership more notice, but such is my near-total lack of organisation that I’ve utterly forgotten. Tomorrow, I reach the heady heights of 24 years. The quarter-century is rapidly approaching, and I’m distinctly concerned. To make me feel better, and to ease the monstrous hangover which will befall over the next few days, you are very welcome to buy me many gifts and presents. Amazon is a good place – if you want to know my address, let me know.

Insufferably yours…


Volkswagon? He’s fallen off some wagon…

Cricinfo profile Johan van der Wath. He’s a useful talent, although not a real menace. With Ntini and Kallis out of the picture, he does a job for his team.

But man, I’ve never seen such an ill-looking cricketer. He looks like he’s got a full-time hangover. Hell, even I don’t look like that all the time. Just on weekends!