TWC commentator’s poll

The latest issue of the Wisden Cricketer features the now regular poll on readers’ favourite commentators. Geoff Boycott takes top spot, followed by Jonathan Agnew, David Lloyd, Michael Atherton and Michael Holding.

What does everyone think about that?

And why was Mark Nicholas only eighth? Am I the only person around of the opinion that Nicholas is an unheralded broadcasting genius and at least the equal of Richie Benaud? Or do I go too far?

Life after Benaud

On Desert Island Discs, you are allowed one luxury. Given mine would be a magical television that showed all available live cricket (as well as choice re-runs), I’d be able to pick my favourite pundits to describe the action. Who are my top commentators? In theory, I would only need two to cover the matches, but that would be unfair on them (I’m not a tyrant), so I’d hire five to mix it up and give the others a rest.

Richie Benaud in the comm box

Therefore, below are my five favourite commentators. Benaud would have been there, of course, as would Brian Johnston, but we must all move on. There are honourable mentions for Lloyd, Gower, Holding, Dujon, Nasser, Knight, Ward, Smith, Lawry and Greig, but these five pick themselves.My Top Five: Michael Atherton, Jimmy Adams, Michael Slater, Geoff Boycott and Simon Hughes.

I can’t imagine anyone will disagree, but then it’s your island. Pick who you like!

Should Duncan Fletcher resign? (poll)

Following on from Emma's post, I thought it was high time we had a poll. And what better subject than the straight-faced-doctor himself, Duncan Fletcher who, so says Geoff Boycott, should resign.

Should he stay or should he go? You decide. (Well, your vote won't influence his career, or influence anyone. Or indeed be be that interesting, but do vote anyway).

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(If you're reading this by RSS, you need to visit the site to vote)

Aye up, and “Shot, boy”

Two abiding memories of this summer’s Ashes, for me, are from Geoff Boycott. “Shot, boy, shot,” to Andrew Flintoff’s straight-drive. And “Out. Out. No-ball, No-ball! Oooh, bad luck you Aussies!” when Glenn McGrath (yes – him) non-bowled Michael Vaughan.

So it’s excellent news to hear the miserable git par excellence has joined the BBC’s commentary team on Test Match Special, for England’s tour of Pakistan. Hurrah. Go for it, Boycs!

Tony Greig joins Channel 4 team

Tony Greig joins the Channel 4 team for this summer’s Ashes. Here are the following voices you’ll be listening to in a few weeks time:

Mark Nicholas, Richie Benaud, Mike Atherton, Geoff Boycott, Michael Slater and Simon Hughes

Boycott’s thoughts on the 2nd Test

Good old Boycs. Never saw him bat, but my Father did and told me of his guts and skill. I’ve only listened to him on the radio, and on TV and in his columns – and I have great respect for the man. He writes honest accounts of team’s performances, and I don’t think there’s a better judge of batting in the world. Here are his thoughts on tomorrow’s set-up between England and South Africa:

“There are only two results possible, an England win or a draw because for the South Africans to pull it off someone would have to bat like Bradman, and I don’t see that happening. Only three Test sides have made more runs than the 378 they need to win but whatever the outcome this has been one hell of a match, the very epitome of what Test cricket is all about.”