NFL bad lip reading

I should not find this as funny as I do. Whoever does this for a living is ridiculously lucky.

Corridor of Uncertainty number plates

“I know that you’re a bit hard up for money to keep the blog going,” Hammy writes, “but to sell number plates relating to your blog? Really. Taken in Perth, Western Australia. I’ve been waiting for ages for the COU number plate to arrive and took a photo of the first one that I came across.”

Corridor of Uncertainty on a BMW

Not guilty, m’lud. Donations and/or free hosting and/or beer and chocolate gratefully received though.

Notes from the pavilion for October 23rd

Links of note from the past 24 hours:

Black guys running all over the pitch…

God bless Bill Lawry

Click here if you can’t hear the gaffe.

Vaughan all mouth and no trousers

What a winner. Michael Vaughan loses his trousers, and could there anyone better than David Lloyd to commentate on it?

Harmison and his blind guide dog

While his master leads the England bowling attack, Steve Harmison’s dog, Magoo, participates in the British Dog Agility Championships.

Via Patrick and Pootergeek.

My daughter looks like Sreesanth

Email of the week:

Hi guys, I reside in Durban South Africa.

Could you guys please,if possible send me contact details for Indian cricket star, Shanthakumaran Shreesanth. My daughter who is 13 years of age has a striking resemblance to him and she is his greatest fan. She says that he must be a long lost relative from India.

Thanks a million


Light relief from a very dark day.

Ooh, ahh, Glenn McGrath. Spoofish video

Best watched at about 10am, in your office, and ideally when you’re boss / team-leader / line-manager or someone else is giving a speech. Shortly afterwards, and for the remainder of the day, you’ll be unable to say anything other than Ooh, ahh, Glenn McGrath…

If you can’t see it above, click here.

[via CI]

England’s leaked plans: thief exposed can exclusively reveal the thief who light-fingered England’s leaked plans yesterday.

This marvellous spoof courtesy of the ever hard-working Darryl. Superb! If you can’t see the video above, click here.

Are you Ashley Giles in disguise?

No, not you – Nathan Deakes. This gem from the Tonk:

Ashley Giles and Nathan Deakes

One of them participates in what might be called the most pedestrian of sporting pursuits — the other is a race walker. Ashley Giles, England bowler, has never been seen in the same room as Nathan Deakes, walk record holder and no relation to a famous Australian marathon runner sharing the same surname. After the walker’s face was splashed across newspapers during the Adelaide Test, it is believed England coaching staff hit upon their most cunning substitution racket yet, hatching a plan to switch Giles for Deakes in the third Test, reasoning no one would notice and it couldn’t be any worse.