A French XI

Further to the French rules of cricket the other day, a Beige Brigadier has prompted this post (so blame him): a French XI. All names must have French origins, or sound vaguely Frenchish. Such as Richie Benaud, Jacques Kallis, Bernard Bosanquet (who?) and so on.

Far too much fun. Get to it.

The rules of cricket…in French

This landed in my inbox this evening: the French rules of cricket, including the modes of dismissal. Or rather, “les suivants d’eliminations” (I think):

The French rules of cricket

I like lbw (obstruction) and hit-wicket (autodestruction). Download the PDF for more.

Les anglais ne font rien comme tout le monde

Les anglais ne font rien comme tout le monde, or “The English never do anything like everyone else.” Seen on Flickr.

Cricket in Paris