Foreigners in West Indian Cricket

Tony Becca is ranting about the influx of foreigners in West Indian Cricket

As concerning as this must be, I can’t help thinking: “Desperate times call for desperate measures.” I sympathise especially with his point about nurses and teachers, many of whom go to America and Britain where they are paid far better:

Apart from the embarrassment of so many white foreigners in West Indies cricket and the reminder of the days which so many had thought were behind us, the second thing it is saying to me is that the West Indies, this West Indies that is short of so many basic facilities for its people, that cannot pay its teachers enough to keep them at home, is so rich that it can afford to pay a team of Australians to teach West Indians how to play cricket.

By white foreigners, I assume he’s talking about the Australians who are now “in charge” of it, rather than white foreign players (unless anyone knows different?). The most confusing part of the article is this:

It needs to understand that West Indies cricket is not a franchise like the Dallas Cowboys or the New York Yankees, like Real Madrid or Manchester United; it needs to understand that it is a team selected from West Indians ­ and West Indians only; it needs to understand that no one can build a strong West Indies team by developing West Indies players only; it needs to understand that any attempt to build a strong West Indies team by concentrating only on the West Indies team will end up making it weaker if only because there will be no continuity ­ no one waiting in the wings; and regardless of all what is being said re: the abundance of talent around, it needs to understand that West Indies cricket is weak.

Who else can they pick if they are not to develop West Indies players only? I don’t understand what he means at all. And I find it worrying that people like him are voicing their distaste in having foreign coaches. Australians (and Irishmen!) are keen to help West Indian Cricket, to get it back to a reasonable standard. Surely the very fact that they’ve (WICB) had to employ Australians (and I think it’s worth noting that they are Australian) shows a) an admittance of how desperate they are and b) how committed they must be in improving and developing West Indian Cricket.

Just look at how Rod Marsh has helped English Cricket. And Duncan Fletcher. We were initially sceptical at Fletcher – but after the horrors and nightmares of Ray Illingworth and David Lloyd, he’s brought professionalism and respect back to English Cricket. The Aussie coaches, managers and physios will probably do the same to West Indian Cricket…we hope.

Hat tip: Ryan