Where will you follow the Ashes from?

Was just talking to Neil, a big cricket fan based in the USA, about following the game from the Americas (short post on his club coming shortly)…and it got me thinking about this year’s Ashes. At Cricinfo we’re gearing up for the late nights, and are utterly up for the entire series. It’s going to be epic – not only the cricket, but covering it on the desk. But what about you ‘orrible lot? Are you, like Neil, in foreign climes all crowded around a scratchy television (or more likely nowadays in front of the computer…at cricinfo.com we hope!)?

Neil’s even having a party on the eve of the first Test at an Australian pub near where he lives. It’s a pretty awesome thought, imagining thousands of people all around the world trying to find out the score. Stuck up mountains with Test Match Special glued to their ears; running out of bars to get reception on their phones. Will you be one of the tragic foreign followers and if so, how will you be following the game? Or will you be under the duvet, radio barely audible so as not to wake the missus (until the fall of a wicket when all hell will break loose)?