Aaaaand relax

Thank God that’s all over then. What a crock of proverbial England are.

And that concludes the winter, too. Roll on spring which, on the evidence of today, still refuses to show its face!

Weekends mean disorganised open threads

Englad race to 288 with Pieterson and Collingwood doing well; India chasing are 45/0 after 8 overs. Yes, it is the 7th England vs India ODI open thread.

India vs England, 6th ODI

India are batting first, and are 3 for 63 in the thirteenth over…. can England do it this time? Open thread to find out…

A Barmy Englishman in India

Phil Long is with the Barmy Army and he wrote an account of the riot at Gawahati for the BBC.

I’m not sure what sparked off the initial trouble but certainly where I was perched it wasn’t the result of any tannoy announcement as there simply hadn’t been any.

Only when the first advertising hoardings were being ripped from their frames to be used as material for the on-terrace fires that followed was a plea of ‘Please be patient’ made – and ignored.

After that, the whole thing snowballed and although I later found out that some injuries occurred I never felt in any particular danger.


This feeling was reinforced by the local police who instead of tackling the trouble head on found it inconveniently coincided with their lunch break.

So we witnessed the somewhat surreal sight of the local constabulary munching contentedly on their lunch as chaos ruled around them.

I don’t think there was anything particularly sinister about the riot. Just the locals were extremely peeved about not seeing any cricket. Sadly, rain interruptions and soaked outfields are just as much a part of the game as reverse swing and cover drives. Anyway, it was a very interesting read by Phil Long.

Trescothick had a virus

So, Marcus Trescothick’s reasons for leaving India have been revealed today. He had a virus and cited the endless amount of international cricket as reasons for his departure. I hope he makes a swift return; his importance to England cannot be underestimated.

England avoid 7-0 humiliation

“Seven nil, seven nil, seven nil…seven nil” was the widely expected chant to be heard ringing from the Indians but alas they’ll have to settle for 6-0. That’s assuming England don’t win the sixth or seventh one-dayer, which is a perfectly reasonable assumption. Yes, today, England avoided defeat thanks to perfect English conditions which suited their one-day game to a tea.

Not a ball was bowled thanks to the rain.

England’s one-dayers in India

The reason for the lack of posts about England’s one-dayers in India is, I’m afraid, I don’t really care about them. We’re going to lose. Get over it. Move on, nothing to see here. Roll on 7-0 and maybe we’ll actually realise how shit we are.

Reverse Colonisation

Reverse Colonisation

Originally uploaded by Flickr user girijesh.

A funny comment from a photographer at the recent one-dayer in Goa between India and England. I fear the Englishmen are in fancy dress, in case the photographer didn’t realise…

Duncan Fletcher flies home

He’s gone home to accompany his wife Marina, who’s ill. We thought it could have been an April Fool’s, if only because he’s flying back to India on Monday. Quite a journey. Let’s hope it’s nothing too serious for Marina, although the fact he’s flown back with her suggests as much. Cricinfo has the latest, of course.

India v England, 2nd ODI, Faridabad

India v England, 2nd ODI, Faridabad

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