My daughter looks like Sreesanth

Email of the week:

Hi guys, I reside in Durban South Africa.

Could you guys please,if possible send me contact details for Indian cricket star, Shanthakumaran Shreesanth. My daughter who is 13 years of age has a striking resemblance to him and she is his greatest fan. She says that he must be a long lost relative from India.

Thanks a million


Light relief from a very dark day.

Paging Kiwis in Joh’burg

We have a damsel in distress, it seems, going by a comment.

Don’t know if you can help or not but I’m in Jo’burg for work and – happy, happy coincidence – have the weekend off so am planning on heading to the Test. Am happy in my own company (though does make me feel like a bit of a Nigel) but thought I’d try and find other Kiwis heading along to the game. Any chance you can help me out?

If you want to take Tennille out, leave a comment or email your details to me at swickstein at I personally think she should get in touch with these guys, but I can understand wanting slightly less raucous company.

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Email problems

I have 20 or so emails from various people reading, none of which I can reply to – Gmail have banned me from sending any more (” You have reached a limit for sending mail”)! So I’ll reply to all of them when they unban me, whenever that is. Thanks for them, though.

Wickets by email

OK, finally, I have a working prototype of my “Wickets by Email” as mentioned the other day. I’m planning to cover the Bangladesh / England game, and possibly the Pakistan and West Indies one too. It’s also possible you might have to receive wicket alerts for both (not one or t’other), but I’ll work on that.

So, leave a comment (don’t forget your email addy), if you haven’t already, if you want to be kept up to date with wickets by email

Wicket alerts by email…

I know I said it was all working and everything but…it aint. Sorry. 11th hour glitches. Will try to get it working for the 2nd Test and, more importantly, for the Ashes


Wicket alerts by Email and RSS

Something I’ve been working on is to provide wicket alerts by email. If I’m out and about, in the car or pub, I need to know when someone’s out :) (my email gets diverted to my phone). So I might as well offer it to everyone else. It’s nearly working, and I’ll be running it all through England’s Test against Bangladesh but there’s no reason why it won’t work for all Tests and ODI matches. If you want to join in the fun, leave a comment and I’ll contact you on Wednesday or Thursday.