The Kevin Pietersen bandwagon

This isn’t the “exciting” post I mentioned in my previous post, far from it in fact. But it’s interesting and noteworthy nonetheless. I stumbled across, a site glittering with praise (unsuprisingly I suppose – it’s “his” site after all!). Get a load of this:

“Who needs James Bond when you can watch Kevin Pietersen” – The Times

“Extraordinary…..Exceptional” – The Daily Mail

“Fantastic to watch” – The Sun

Blimey. Interestingly, the company behind the site (Mission Sports Management) is chaired by a Mr Ian Botham. And another company involved (it’s hard to understand sports management and consultancy companies) is Woodworm, bat makers for Flintoff and others. I suspect Woodworm are chuffed to balls to have another big-hitter like Pietersen on their books. Their site has a couple of longish clips of Flintoff; one of the making of his bat and another a preview of his DVD.