Australia v West Indies, DLF Cup final

It’s huge, it’s massive – it’s the DLF Cup final today between Australia and West Indies. And Australia aren’t going great either at 83 for 3. Still, anything over 100 should be plenty, given West Indies’ amazing collapses in the past week or so. Live scorecard.

UPDATE: yep. Same old, same as.

McGrath v Tendulkar

2.6 McGrath to Dravid, no run, this time it’s the offcutter and it threads the gap between Dravid’s bat and body.
2.5 McGrath to Dravid, no run, left alone outside the off stump
2.5 McGrath to Dravid, 1 wide, wide outside off stump and moves wider after pitching.
2.4 McGrath to Dravid, no run, good length on off stump, Dravid gets forward and plays it back to the bowler
2.4 McGrath to Dravid, 1 no ball, McGrath oversteps, that pitched outside off and moved away from Dravid who lets it go
2.3 McGrath to Tendulkar, 1 run, worked through midwicket for a single
2.2 McGrath to Tendulkar, no run, beaten by a unplayable ball. That pitched on middle, opened up Tendulkar, and moved a touch away to beat the outside edge
2.1 McGrath to Tendulkar, no run, bang on the helmet, McGrath digs it in short and the ball doesn’t get up as much as Tendulkar thought it would. He ducks into it and the ball crashes into the helmet. What a start to the McGrath-Tendulkar battle

The McGrath-Tendulkar battle has resumed. India are chasing 245 to win.

Duckworth, Lewis, Carib

Del, protector of the Wisden wallets, rose from his seat this afternoon and jeered “Editorial! Duckworth and Lewis…friends of the West Indies.”

A fervent West Indies fan, he was just slightly pleased at Duck’n’Loo’s calculations which helped them down India in yesterday’s one-dayer. And all that, in spite of 141* from Sachin Tendulkar…on comeback!