Gower and his quirks

I’m watching a video which I’ll mention in another post, and in it I keep hearing David Gower mispronounce players’ names. Well, it’s not as though they’re technically incorrect inunciations – they’re just different. Gower has his own, very Hampshire style, and is more and more a legend of the comm box. For instance, he doesn’t say WAZim AKram. He pronounces it waZEEM aKRUM. And as for Murali, well it comes out as Muttiah Murali-durham.

Anyway. As you were.

The clapping seal

Jenny, my colleage at Cricinfo, has had two rather good days in the past week. Firstly, during the final Test at Trent Bridge, she spent a day with David Gower, Nasser Hussain, Ian Botham and the other Sky commentators. Naturally she’s in love with every single one of them (our ears are bleeding) but they all sound like great fun (and they have a lot of fun, too). David Lloyd (“Bumble”) is as you would expect him to be: sharp, constantly witty and an allround top bloke. Anyway I can’t spoil her piece; she’s writing it up and it’ll be published at Cricinfo quite soon.

As if that couldn’t be topped, today she faced an over (I think) at Shane Warne! And interviewed him and other stuff. So that’s two fairly cool (and unique) things you should keep an eye out on Cricinfo.

Gower’s on the sauce

Is Gower tonked? He sounds it to me. Good on you old chap!