Ashes MP3 from the BBC

BBC Radio Five Live have a couple of Ashes MP3s available which is good of them. Link here.

W.G.Grace MP3 from The BBC

Rick Eyre has found one of Mark Steel’s lectures – on W.G.Grace. The world’s first superstar. I’ve grabbed it and converted it to MP3 which is probably breaking some law, but what the hell. Quality’s not terrific, but at least you can listen to it whenever you want now. Download here.

Info, should you need it, on the man himself here, here and (superb) here

2 MP3s – Vaughan and Strauss

2 interviews from BBC of Vaughan and Strauss which I’ve saved to MP3 for your listening pleasure. Funnily, Smith’s one broke halfway through the encoding – sorry :)


Vaughan MP3 on England’s win in ODI2 v Zimbabwe

Again I’ve converted a Real Audio interview to MP3 – this is Michael Vaughan commenting on England’s win in the 2nd ODI v Zimbabwe. Pietersen hit a 70, including some pretty massive sixes, although Vaughan talks mainly about Geraint Jones’ excellent innings. Download here

Ian Bell interview in MP3

I’ve converted a RealPlayer audio stream from BBC’s site to MP3 – much easier to listen to – of Agnew interviewing Ian Bell. Download here.