New blog for ABC Grandstand

Rae Allen writes:

Hi Will,

Just thought I’d let you know the new ABC cricket site has been launched in a
blog format at

John Buchanan will do a preview and review of each match over the Australian

Notes from the pavilion for November 4th

Links of note from the past 24 hours:

John Morrison’s blog

Further to my last post, John Morrison’s new blog can be found here: Worth bookmarking I reckon. I’m always in favour of writers who rant. Wranters, if you like.

Corridor of Uncertainty number plates

“I know that you’re a bit hard up for money to keep the blog going,” Hammy writes, “but to sell number plates relating to your blog? Really. Taken in Perth, Western Australia. I’ve been waiting for ages for the COU number plate to arrive and took a photo of the first one that I came across.”

Corridor of Uncertainty on a BMW

Not guilty, m’lud. Donations and/or free hosting and/or beer and chocolate gratefully received though.

Neck and crop

Arun Kale has been beavering away designing the new theme for The Corridor, which you can now see. Huge congrats and thanks to him and we hope you’re as pleased as we are. It’s fresh, new, simple and pretty cool. Thoughts (even complaints) welcome.

Cricket = action = art

An interesting new blog I’ve been reading run by a New Zealander, Marty, who is photoshopping cricket photos. The blog? “Cricket = action = art”. There are now a hell of a lot of cricket blogs out there, all doing pretty much the same thing, so it’s encouraging to see someone concentrate on a different topic and angle. Here’s one he did of Prior

Infatuated by Robert Key

King Cricket is mad as a box of frogs. Insane. His blog is required reading for this fact alone, though his increasing infatuation with Robert Key suggests the men in white (no, not the umpires) will come a’knockin’ quite soon.

Robert Key

The above photo is actually a brilliant piece of photoshoppage from Mike, who’s done similar excellent wizardry before.

Less adept but even funnier is this attempt:

Box. Frogs. Lots of both.

Brit Blog Awards 2007

Apparently I’ve been nominated in the Sport category of the not-too-famous Brit Blog Awards 2007. Thanks to whoever voted or nominated me. According to Chris from the PR firm representing Ask and Metro, “the BOBB’s were launched earlier in the year and are designed to discover the most talented wrtiers in the blogosphere”. I shouldn’t laugh, but that typo did make me chuckle…

Alastair Cook is one of the judges…so I hope he wasn’t put off by anything I’ve said here, nor by the comments from you angry fans. Behave yourselves.

The big question remains as yet unanswered: what do I win if I win?

Live: World Cup opening ceremony

Andrew Miller is blogging the opening ceremony of the World Cup. So go read it now.

King Cricket

I’ve mentioned King Cricket’s blog before, but a fresh link is well overdue. It’s in my top-three and easily one of the most tongue-in-cheek blogs around. V good I reckon (or should that be we reckon!). From it comes the news Anthony McGrath is well in excess of 120 years old.