Concrete cricket in Armenia

Picture 025

Originally uploaded by Flickr user Hetq Online.

One of the joys of Flickr is seeing cricket (or indeed any photo) from any country in the world. It’s flippin’ good.

Here’s one of some winners playing in Armenia. Incidentally, my landlady is Armenian, although I don’t think she plays cricket. In fact, I’m not sure she really knows what it is when I talk to her about it. Maybe she thinks I write about the insect. She’s 86. It’s perfectly plausible. Perhaps I’ll pretend I do write about the green insect!

Another “incidentally” for you; isn’t concrete bloody awful? I hate it. You see it everywhere (although, actually, it’s less ugly so these days since they’ve worked out that it looks better white). My Grandad was an architect and was absolutely in love with his trade and business – lived and breathed it – yet it always surprised me that he loved concrete so much!

Anyway. Oh, funny thing – my colleage Gnasher suggested I blog about one odd and non-cricketing topic a week. I’ve arguably been doing that already, so my apologies to those of you who have come here expecting some serious, intelligent thoughts on cricket. I’m knackered, my weekend is about to begin and I’m ranting about concrete.