Shiny Mark is back

Post 1001, and it’s back to business as it appears that Mark “Shiny” Nicholas is back on Channel 9. His contract wasn’t renewed a month ago – but Dave mentioned it yesterday, and the plucky people at ABC are gratuitously back-patting themselves. And why not!? Is Mark gaining a cult following I wonder…?

Evening, everyone

Richie’s off our UK screens. The Oval Test is likely to be his last televised broadcast in the UK; he’s been on our screens, amazingly, since 1963 when he started with the BBC. Summer won’t be the same without him.

Favourite Richie “sayings,” phrases or funny moments please, ladies and gents. One of mine, which has been well documented, was his stint with Ray Illingworth. Batsman was hit in the royal-box, as it were. “Ooh, and that’s hit him just below the knee-roll. Oh, no, just above the knee-roll in fact.” Richie, as calm as a cucumber, retorts: “Just between the knee-roll in fact, Raymond!”