Bunbury Cricket Club photos

Keith has a mass of photos from an event hosted by Bunbury Cricket Club for the charity Aspire. All sorts were there: Harry Judd (who is he?), Chris Cairns, James Major and more. Looks like a jolly good time was had by all…but this shot is perhaps the best of the bunch with a father and son looking for the lost ball.

Lost ball


Tsunami match at Lords: the Teams

The team-sheet for tomorrow’s game has changed since it was announced a month ago – here’re the finalised teams:

MCC: SP Fleming (captain); CH Gayle, S Ganguly, VVS Laxman, JH Kallis, A Flower, KC Sangakarra, SM Pollock, A Kumble, H Singh, S Akhtar.

International XI: BC Lara (captain), V Sehwag, ST Jayasuriya, GC Smith, RS Dravid, S Chanderpaul, CL Cairns, SK Warne, WPUJC Vaas, M Sami, N Ntini.

Some handy players there. Looking forward, in particular, to seeing Laxman (whose name I think is pronounced correctly as “Latchman”?), Gayle, Shoaib, Sehwag and Cairns. The rest? Well, they’re just making up the numbers, aren’t they?

I’ll be blogging, live from the ground with anything I think might be interesting. There are some big hitters in both sides – I’ll need to keep my eye on the ball, something I was never particularly good at…