An odd couple: Colville and Willis

There’s a scathing attack by Jim White in today’s Telegraph on Sky’s coverage of the first Test. It’s done with humour though, and had me in stitches – especially this on Charles Colville and Bob Willis:

While Bhasin is all eager and enthusiastic, bouncing round Boycott in puppyish thrill at being there, Colville has taken it upon himself to become the Mr Angry of the Ashes, fuming about England’s selection decisions, poor bowling and limp fielding.

Anything and everything is capable of sending him into a tailspin of rage. After the first Test ended in ignominious defeat on Monday, he became so incensed he had to be restrained by his guest, Nick Knight.

“Whoa Charles,” Knight said, wearing the startled look of a man who had stumbled into a recording of the new series on Bravo, When Normally Mild Mannered Cricket Chaps Attack. In fact, it was lucky Knight was there to tip a verbal bucket of water over the steaming presenter. Had Colville’s guest been – as it sometimes has – Bob Willis, the blood pressure in the studio would have turned thermo-nuclear.

It takes an act of significant will not to cower behind the sofa every time Willis – almost as angry as Colville – comes on screen. Especially now he has taken to delivering his goggle-eyed rants direct into the camera.

All he needs is to borrow Boycott’s headgear and he will morph seamlessly into the John McCririck of cricket.

There is an obvious solution for Duncan Fletcher as he searches for the speediest way back into the series: put Colville and Willis out there in Adelaide and even the battled-hardened Aussies would take flight at the very sight of them.

Chuck’s great value – I’d rather him, with his passion and anger, than a bland, shiny toe-the-line presenter. More at the Telegraph.

It’s 20/20 time

20/20 Twenty Twenty

Being a sad old purist, it came as a shock to enjoy England’s victory over Australia in the 20/20 match a week ago. I’d seen glimpses of the 20/20 final last year, so I can’t wait for tonight’s batch of krazy-kricket. Charles Colville, Sky commentator, seems to “up” a level in the 20/20 games – much shouting and shrieking and squawking of “It’s BOUNDARY TIME,” which is more embarassing & funny than anything else! Full list of matches:

    Derbyshire v Durham
    Kent v Surrey
    Hampshire v Middlesex
    Leicestershire v Nottinghamshire
    Northamptonshire v Gloucestershire
    Worcestershire v Warwickshire
    Yorkshire v Lancashire
    Sussex v Essex
    Glamorgan v Somerset

Let the mayhem begin