Harbhajan and Symonds find resolution

I don’t know why but Harbhajan Singh and Andrew Symonds appear to have settled their differences. They’ve hooked up with a couple of lady friends and decided that the best way to resolve their spat is with a damn good dance. Click here if you can’t see it below (takes a while to load).

Elias Henry Hendren

Here’s an old caricature drawing of Patsy Hendren, the former England and Middlesex batsman (and a bit of a leg end, it must be said. 170 first-class hundreds…)

Patsy Hendren caricature

More info on Patsy at Cricinfo. Drawing found at Flickr.

The rules of cricket…in French

This landed in my inbox this evening: the French rules of cricket, including the modes of dismissal. Or rather, “les suivants d’eliminations” (I think):

The French rules of cricket

I like lbw (obstruction) and hit-wicket (autodestruction). Download the PDF for more.

Cartoon of Brian Lara

A cartoon of Brian Lara following the West Indies’ dismal display against South Africa

Thanks Ryan

‘I was playing cricket’

Today’s Matt in The Telegraph

Herschelle Gibbs cartoon

Herschelle has been at it again.

A cartoon of Herschelle Gibbs

Via Miller and his cronies. See the video of the incident here.

Matt’s cartoon view of England

From Matt yesterday.

Cartoon from matt

Ashley Giles the Borat of Spain

Oh it’s cruel, it’s painfully cruel

Ashley Giles is Borat

Courtesy of The Ashes Blog who provide the following reasons Ashley Giles should continue playing for England:

1. He makes James Anderson look threatening.

2. His bowling average is almost as good as Matthew Hayden’s batting average.

3. As the Personal Life Coach for Ricky Ponting, Ashley Giles felt that the Australian captain was in desperate need of a bit of encouragement, so he sacrificially dropped that catch on the boundary. But that’s just the sort of kind, generous guy that he is.

4. His Royal Highness brings a certain amount of class and dignity into the England team. Well, they need to make up for Kevin Pietersen’s presence somehow.

So please, keep Ashley playing, and make benefit glorious King of Spain.

Postcards from the Sledge (10 of 10)

The last of 10 postcards from Postcards from the Sledge. It’s the end of our exclusive run, and many thanks to Beach for allowing them here. Hopefully I’ve helped him sell a few. In 24 hours, the first ball will be hurled down in Brisbane and the sledging can really start.

Australian Whine

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Postcards from the Sledge (9 of 10)

The ninth of 10 postcards from Postcards from the Sledge

You're only good at swimming

This has added relevance as Ian Thorpe is due to retire, apparently…

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