South Africa v Sri Lanka, VB Series, Perth

What a dull match. It threatened interest when Murali grabbed a couple during South Africa’s run chase, but ultimately Sri Lanka were doomed after the 20th over (thereabouts; I’ve been up since 4am bulletining the game, so forgive any tiredness-induced inaccuracies). They lost 9 for 85! Utter carnage, and such a waste too.

Sanath Jayasuriya played beautifully, and ought to have been raising his bat to the crowds for another hundred; his lazy cut into the hands of seemed to send shivers down the Sri Lankans’ spines. To a man, their response to Jayasuriya’s downfall was to replicate it to the best of their ability: poor shots; lazy shots; silly shots; and the running between the wickets was laughable.

It’s a shame when teams let themselves down. Sri Lanka have so much ability, you do wonder how good they could become if they added consistency and responsibility to their bow. Now go and read my bulletin.

My First Bulletin

I’m sounding like a commercial for a toy company or something with that headline. I’ve been awake and alive since 2.30am – much to the great amusement of my boss. Anyway, an interesting day’s play at Faisalabad which Pakistan ended well on top. I dread to think what Afridi could do tomorrow. I was doing the bulletin, which is a far harder task than anyone can give credit for, which was all going swimmingly until my close-of-play report…which was a rather limp effort. But, it’s all a learning curve and “things can only get better!” etc. Marvellous.