Brit Blog Awards 2007

Apparently I’ve been nominated in the Sport category of the not-too-famous Brit Blog Awards 2007. Thanks to whoever voted or nominated me. According to Chris from the PR firm representing Ask and Metro, “the BOBB’s were launched earlier in the year and are designed to discover the most talented wrtiers in the blogosphere”. I shouldn’t laugh, but that typo did make me chuckle…

Alastair Cook is one of the judges…so I hope he wasn’t put off by anything I’ve said here, nor by the comments from you angry fans. Behave yourselves.

The big question remains as yet unanswered: what do I win if I win?

King Cricket

I’ve mentioned King Cricket’s blog before, but a fresh link is well overdue. It’s in my top-three and easily one of the most tongue-in-cheek blogs around. V good I reckon (or should that be we reckon!). From it comes the news Anthony McGrath is well in excess of 120 years old.

More blogs!

Ah, there’s nothing like a good cricket blog.

I need to make a list of good cricket blogs. If you have one, or know of one, let us know in the comments.

My current favourite is “The Reverse Swing Manifesto“, not least for posting this on Saturday:

Saturday, December 02, 2006

End of an Era?

I wouldn’t tempt fate by suggesting it myself – not half way through a crucial test match for heaven’s sake – but I’m happy to let others state their point of view – especially when it coincides with mine. For example…

The Melbourne Age suggest the Warne era might be at an end.

You have to appreciate top shelf mozzing like that.

Ashes websites

The Daily Telegraph have a round-up of essential Ashes websites which you need to bookmark immediately. There are some new ones listed, as well as the usual favourites.

(and this blog is mentioned, too, which is damn fine of them)

Cricinfo Blogs

If you haven’t already noticed we’ve revamped (created) a landing page for all our blogs. It’s at The new design for all the other blogs should go live in the next few days I think – it looks pretty cool I reckon. I was initially involved in an advisory capacity (it’s taken a long time to get it to this stage!) before others took over the design and tech stuff. It’s quite a milestone for the site in some ways…and I’m glad to see it up at last, being the blogging bloke that I am.

Leave your thoughts, if you have any, and someone at CI will respond if you’re lucky.

PS: we have some pretty big names coming up on the blogs in the next few weeks. Keep your eyes peeled.

Forums at The Corridor

Trying something new. Some forums. Register then post your messages/thoughts/questions and chat away.

It’s all over for The Corridor of Uncertainty

Sadly I’m currently in dispute with Andy Clark, the owner of the trademark “The Corridor of Uncertainty”. He asked me to change the name of the blog last week which, as you know, I did – to “The Corridor”.

His lawyers tell him that I am still infringing his trademark. I’m assuming he will also sue Geoff Boycott, the man who created the phrase years ago, as well as numerous broadsheets who use it several times each summer.

It’s all rather pathetic. But until I can confirm whether he’s right or wrong, I need to come up with a different name (again). You’re all far more clever and wittier than I, so it’s over to you. As many suggestions as possible, and if you see one you like please do say so.

If there are any lawyers willing to offer free advice on such matters, do contact me.

Reporting on sport

Because I’m now fortunate enough to be writing about a sport and running one the internet’s most popular sites, I have an increased interest in journalism, online journalism, news reportage and so on. The BBC’s blogs have given a glimpse into how their sports editors report on it all, and run the website. I remain a big supporter of the Beeb’s site which, for general sports coverage, is unrivalled. Cricinfo is infinitely bigger and offers something entirely different. Anyway I’m not here to make comparisons as to the goods and bads of each service.

I was reading Howard Nurse’s post and was astounded to read they had no less than 10 people dedicated (solely, it appears) to England’s match against Portugal. Is that normal (does anyone know?). Yes it’s the World Cup, and a football tournament at that, but it nevertheless surprised me.

So that’s where our money goes…!

Site down and up

Right, the site is back live again – I logged on briefly last night to check, and saw it was down. No idea why, but some bastard has probably hacked us. All seems fine now. Those who know me, could you be kind enough to text me if you happen to notice the site goes down again? Off to the beach now.

Comments not working

I know of the comments problem, thanks to Rita for pointing it out. It’s a bit worrying but hopefully the technical geeks will sort it out. Otherwise, that’s 12,000 comments down the pan. Which is not fun.