Shane Warne: The Musical

I think it was Zainub who let us know of this, so apologies to her for not replying. It’s old news now, but sod it – there’s to be a musical of Shane Warne’s life. I really have nothing else to add to this news, so will leave it to the SMH:

Melbourne comedian Eddie Perfect is writing a large-scale show that will set the Warney saga to song.

Still at an early stage, the musical will feature well-known incidents from the controversial cricketer’s career, Perfect said. “There’s definitely going to be a text message song. You can’t do Warney without the text,” he said.

Perfect hasn’t told Warne about the production. Yet. He said: “I’m sort of scared about him finding out about it, but I’m in two minds. There’ll probably be stuff in there that he’s not that excited is in there.”

MOD defend mass widescreen TV purchases

The Ministry of Defence have defended the mass purchase of widescreen TVs in recent years, after claims they were used for viewing Test match cricket. Norman Lamb, Lib Dem MP for Norfolk, got things going on November 21:

To ask the Secretary of State for Defence how many widescreen televisions have been purchased by his Department for use in Whitehall Headquarters in each of the last five years; and at what cost in each year. [21097]

Adam Ingram (Minister of State (Armed Forces), Ministry of Defence) responded:

Mr. Ingram: The information requested is not held centrally and could be provided only at disproportionate cost. However, as part of the Ministry of Defence Head Office building refurbishment, five widescreen televisions were purchased in financial year 2001–02 at a total cost of £12,500, and 134 at a total cost of £348,000 in financial year 2003–04.

£348,000 for a bunch of massive TVs in which to watch 11 England cricketers muck around on a pitch for a few days? Brilliant – at least it’s not football…good to see our taxes are being well spent. The BBC has more on this:

Mr Lamb told the BBC: “I was attending a meeting at the Ministry of Defence and I was walking through their open plan offices.

“I was completely gobsmacked by the number of televisions all around, in every work space.

“And they weren’t modest little things like we have here in the Houses of Parliament, with small screens. They were whopping great flat screen, wide screen sets.

Post-Ashes profiteering reaches its zenith

Abstract of the Ashes

Ian emailed me to tell of this remarkable auction on eBay (I’ve even stolen your headline, Ian – sorry, but you put it perfectly!). The image you see above is an abstract painting depicting the winning moment for England’s victorious Ashes side this summer. Or, in the artist’s own words:

Cricket Comes Home – The Ashes (2005)

An abstract depiction of England’s famous Ashes winning Summer against Australia in 2005

The print is 101/2″ x 101/2″ and is supplied on 230 gsm coated acrylic paper from the original medium of gouache and acrylic

Presented without mount or frame, signed, and coming with a certificate of authenticity from myself, the artist.

Now, I’m no artist – I’m a budding photographer, and that’s stretching it – but I’m afraid I simply cannot and do not understand what this is supposed to represent! Depiction of “England’s famous Ashes winning summer”? How?! I see no bat, no ball, no players – nothing that says a) England b) English cricket c) cricket d) cricket e) cricket… Answers on a postcard, please – or a comment would suffice.

PS note to self: learn to expand vocab. You’re not 12, Will.

If you only buy one thing this month…

…make it The Wisden Cricketer! It’s a fabulous magazine, written by stupendously insightful and knowledgeable people, aided (ok – contributed!) by my goodself this month. I’m hidden away in the back pages, lurking uncerimoniously among the reviews and adverts and other stuff. A very satisfying thing, though, to have my name in print for the first time, and a great honour. I reviewed Oval Reflections – a pictorial celebration of The Oval, which was a brilliant book. Loads of amazing photos – really good stuff. I’m still pinching myself that I am in this environment, and to be doing the things I’m doing. I interviewed Mark Ramprakash a couple of days ago. Mark flippin’ Ramprakash? What’s going on?! Nice chap, and good of him to put up with what was a first interview for me. I’ve been the interviewee plenty of times ta very much, for jobs and all.

Anyway I did alright, if I do say so myself, although experience will definately help matters considerably in the months and years to come. It’s not an easy thing to do (this was over the phone, too, which has its own problems…not least mobile bloody phones, and reception. Or the lack thereof.)

Anyway, bit of a Waffling Will post so I’ll shut up.

Oh, here’s the book at Amazon which’ll have more details if you’re too lazy to buy the magazine: Oval Reflections: Memories from the World Famous Sporting Ground

Smith is negative.

G.Smith does it again. He has arguably one of the greatest bowlers of his generation – Shaun Pollock – a bowler who also happens to average 30 with the bat. Does he get a 3rd slip? Does he balls. You’d think Pollock would demand one.

I’ve counted 4 edges fly through where 3rd slip ought to be, and still the SA Captain fails to react. Defensive, negative tactics. England 108-1 and Strauss looks ominous.