Partying in Cherie’s gob

I’m so eloquent with my titles on this blog aren’t I? All class. Anyway, just seen this photo – a birthday party in the Lord’s media centre (some say it resembled Cherie Blair’s rather unnaturally wide mouth. Hence the title. You got that though).

Lord’s is where it’s at these days…out with the dusty traditionalists and in with, hang on…women? WOMEN? They’ll be letting them vote, introducing pay equality and all sorts next!

Mark's family at Nobumi's party


It’s my birthday. Buy me things

Now I really ought to have given my faithful readership more notice, but such is my near-total lack of organisation that I’ve utterly forgotten. Tomorrow, I reach the heady heights of 24 years. The quarter-century is rapidly approaching, and I’m distinctly concerned. To make me feel better, and to ease the monstrous hangover which will befall over the next few days, you are very welcome to buy me many gifts and presents. Amazon is a good place – if you want to know my address, let me know.

Insufferably yours…


Happy Birthday to CoU

Birthday things

The CoU’s first birthday is today! Odd to think it’s been a whole year since I first jotted my musings down. It’s been a good laugh, and I hope the next 12 months will be just as fun. Thanks to all who have bothered to read my mumblings, bigger thanks to those who enjoy it – and extended cheers and “ta lots” to Cricinfo (Messrs Williamson and Miller) for employing me.

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I’m rich. Or, I could be…

My blog is worth $46,856.82 (£26,411.47).
How much is your blog worth?

Yes, I know it’s artificial, but anyone who discredits or underestimates the value (monetarily and as a medium) of blogs need only look at what AOL paid for Weblogs Inc. $25-40m. I shudder to think the affects blogs will have on traditional media – it’s exciting. A humble cricket blog isn’t going to shake things up, but it’s fun to be apart of blogging in the “early days” (although some would say blogging has been around for years and years. It has, but it’s never been this easy.) It’s this blog’s first Birthday in a week or so…

Gratuitous request for presents

It’ll be my birthday on 28th of this month – my 23rd – so if any of you kind, generous, wonderful readers would like to buy me something, feel free :)