Bill Murray makes the internet good again

Occasionally you hear of people who claim to love their jobs. “I am so lucky because my job is my hobby!” they gush, rosey-cheeked, nauseatingly energetic and somehow managing to pull off that unkempt look which doesn’t damage their reputation among their peers.

I may not be quite so enthusiastic as these cherubic imbeciles but I do enjoy my industry  -  for the most part. The internet is still morphing at a rate of knots, and it’s that unrelenting pace and change which can exhaust your enthusiasm. It’s easy to loathe, sometimes, for the simple reason that it has woven itself inextricably into our lives. Sometimes we need to peel off the internet jumper and sacrifice it to the god of MS DOS.

But then Bill Murray appears on Reddit and answers any question thrown at him, completely unmoderated, and we genuflect to Sir Tim Berners-Lee and wonder how this ridiculous thing came into being, for a life without Bill Murray talking crap is a life not worth living at all.