CLR James; Beyond a Boundary on the BBC

Beyond a Boundary

CLR James’ Beyond a Boundary – which sadly is gathering dust in my flat but I’ll try to get through it, at last, later this week – is the feature of a radio programme later today. I’ll forget all about it, doubtless, but if some of you manage to catch it, let me know your thoughts:

CLR James’ book extolling the virtues and importance of cricket, both within and beyond the boundary, is accepted by many as the greatest of all cricketing essays. But can its sense of moral code, forged in the West Indies of his youth in the first half of the 20th century, survive the rigours of globalisation and the culture of ‘get rich or die trying’?

CLR’s nephew Darcus Howe returns to his own Trinidadian roots to put the book to the test, at a time when both cricket and society on the island appear to be in need of re-invigouration.

Sun 19 Feb, 21:30 – 22:15 45 mins, BBC Radio 3