Half a forest of cricket bats

Great shot of a cricket bat shop in Jaipur, India

Cricket Bat Shop


Broken Shards

What’s the go with all the bats breaking in the ODI game yesterday? I remember Rod Marsh’s bat breaking at the handle all those years ago but I never saw a bat split in half like it did to one English batsman. (Can’t remember who it was, think it was Collingwood but I can’t be sure)

Ponting’s bat gets the ok

Ricky Ponting can use his metal-blade-of-a-bat which caused a bit of a hoo-har a few weeks back.

Are we seeing the end of the traditional noise of leather on willow, to be replaced by the rather less poetic sounding “Leather on Graphite”? Somehow lacks the romance conjured by the words leather and willow!