Nestled between the Home Office and a children’s classic

What company does Duncan Fletcher keep? Well it’s certainly not with Ian Botham, Geoff Boycott as we’ve found out today. But here’s his book, on Amazon’s bestsellers nestled between a weighty-looking tome of Life in the UK (hmm) and There was an old lady who swallowed a fly. It’s 127th at the moment and could well be in the top 10 if the Daily Mail continues to serialise it. My copy’s about to land on my desk too, which is thoroughly exciting.


Duncan Fletcher’s book – Ashes Regained: The Coach’s Story

Ashes Regained: The Coach\'s Story

Duncan Fletcher’s book, Ashes Regained: The Coach’s Story, was released last week which I forgot to mention, to add to my cricket books tag. I’ve had my fill of Ashes fever until Christmas, although will be intrigued to read this one in particular. He’s not a talker is Fletcher. Available at Amazon for under a tenner, which can’t be bad.

Cricket books and DVDs coming soon

I confess to not reading a great deal of cricket books. The last, and best, was Rain Men by Marcus Berkmann (thoughts on this here) which, according to Amazon, is now called Rain Men: The Madness of Cricket, which is perfectly apt.

Now the Ashes are safely back home (!), there are a flurry of books and DVDs coming out in their/our honour, all of which I suggest you pre-order from Amazon – and you can do that via me, to give me some extra money, by clicking on the links below!

Calling the Shots: The Captain\'s Story

First up is Michael Vaughan’s Calling the Shots which promises a rare insight into the mind of a captain. Not only that, but the mind of an English Ashes-winning captain – a must-read, therefore. Release-date November 7 2005, £11.39

Ashes Diary

Next is an Ashes Diary by The England Cricket Team. It could just be a load of photos, but is likely to make interesting reading. Release-date September 29, 2005, £10.79

Ashes 2005: The Full Story of the Test Series

I’ve mentioned Gideon Haigh before, and his latest book ought to be well worth reading. Ashes 2005: The Full Story of the Test Series. He’s one of the better cricket writers in the world at the moment, writes for The Guardian and almost everyone else. Release-date October 20, 2005, £6.99 (bargain, that one)

The Ashes - England V Australia 2005

Perhaps most excitingly of all, a three-set DVD of the entire Test Series! The Ashes – England v Australia 2005. It’s Amazon’s top-selling DVD at the moment. Get this NOW! Release-date October 17, 2005, £14.99

Morning Everyone: A Sportswriter\'s Life

As mentioned in January, Simon Hughes’ new book arrives on our shelves in October. His previous ones have been excellent, and this one should be equally entertaining. Morning Everyone: A Sportswriter’s Life. Release-date, October 20, 2005, £10.19

The Greatest Test

This one is available now; The Greatest Test, highlights of the Edgbaston nail-biter. You know you want it. £9.99

What a load of Ashes goodness there is – enough to keep you going for months. Enjoy!

Simon Hughes’ “Morning Everyone”

Simon Hughes

With a title no doubt influenced by his Channel 4 colleague, Mr Benaud, Simon Hughes “The Analyst’s” new book (out in October) has a finalised front cover. Very much looking forward to reading it after his first two were so excellent.

UPDATE 21 October 2005. The book is now available at Amazon, priced £10.19. For more cricket books, see this tag.

Playfair gets expensive

I always buy Bill Frindall’s annual Playfair book (latest one here), and noticed another one on Amazon just now….yours, for £125. See link below. No idea what it is – perhaps the last 30 years of Playfair?

Playfair Cricket Annual 2005 X30 Cpack

Gratuitous request for presents

It’ll be my birthday on 28th of this month – my 23rd – so if any of you kind, generous, wonderful readers would like to buy me something, feel free :)