Imran Khan: Hair should be sued

Duncan wrote in to say he had an exclusive interview with Imran Khan who feels Pakistan should sue Darrell Hair:

“Pakistan have been unhappy with Hair’s umpiring before: it’s his manner, as if he wants to stamp his authority on the game. These kind of umpires do so much damage to the game.

“If he thought the ball had been tampered with, Hair should have given Inzamam a warning – instead of immediately jumping in and suggesting that ball tampering had occurred.

“Inzamam made a big mistake: he should have taken a stand on the spot when the ball was changed. Not coming out after tea was the wrong kind of protest. The captain’s job is to focus on winning the game. The manner of the protest has lost Pakistan valuable time in a game they looked like winning.

It’s all kicking off, and it’s all pretty depressing too. Thanks to Scott for the flurry of posts. Cricinfo has the mess in full of course.

Will Warne cope?

Following news of another woman claiming a fling with Warne, I wonder how he’s going to react. He’s rarely away from the headlines – be it on a bowling front, or his escapades off the pitch – but this latest one (not the 3rd woman’s claims – the fact he’s split from his wife) could be the worst yet. As far as I know, his wife has stood by him throughout all the allegations over the years – now he’s all on his own. Ponting too has stood by him – but frankly, all he wants is his number one leggie to bowl like he has done.

Will Warne bounce back from this? Is there a chance he could pull out from the tour? I can’t see the stories and claims vanishing over night, and we’re just weeks away from the first Test. Let’s hope so.