Notes from the pavilion for October 27th

Sunblock? Rumblock

Last week I wrote about the Trinidadians’ clever use of a zip-lock bag to sneak in contraband (contrabanned, more like), which the authorities in the Caribbean prohibit. That was clever, but not nearly as ingenious as the use of a bottle of sunblock!

I love the expression on that bloke’s face, behind, raising his glass of rum. Well done, Trinis! (thanks Ryan)

One pint too far for greedy ICC

What, in England anyway, is most associated with watching cricket? Fun? Most certainly, it’s great fun. Good food? Nah. Picnic eggs and £10 heart-attack burgers are the best you can hope for. No, so it’s perhaps why most people have always enjoyed a drink or three “at the cricket”. But the ICC are trying, and have already partially succeeded in, outlawing booze from the game.

To be accurate, they’re banning people from bringing their own alcohol into grounds. It’s already happened in the Caribbean, and smacks of commercialised greed (i.e. forcing people to pay over the odds for drinks inside the ground). It’s beer tax.

So long considered the stuffy great-uncle of cricket, Lord’s continues to be the groundbreakers. They’re the only ground to refuse the ICC’s ruling, and good on them. I spoke to them last week and fed the info to my boss who has written it all up here.

For some time, however, there was a threat that the ICC were about to poop the party. They were thinking of imposing their worldwide ruling that no-one would be allowed to bring glass or tin containers into grounds. Members spluttered and the MCC, still a private club, took a stand. Allowing women in the pavilion is one thing, but barring wine and champagne was a bridge too far. The result is that, for this year at least, there will be no ban on people bringing in bottles to go with their lunches.


Sadly, at all other venues in England – and around the world – we are likely to see a repetition of spectators having alcohol and soft drinks removed by overzealous security guards and then queuing to buy the very same product, only with a large mark-up.


An insight into Australian club cricket

No, I’m not talking about the bloke who last week threatened to kill an umpire (true). This gem comes from Stu – whose blog is one of the many I don’t have time to read as often as I’d like – who was a regular here during the Ashes, when everyone went Kricket Krazy.

Here’s a copy of an email I received this afternoon from my cricket club, which I feel beautifully displays the nature of the majority of Australian Club Cricket (this is verbatim!):

Subject : Thursday Night Training

Watto wishes to let all players know there will be no Thursday night
training this week, due to Australia day Public Holiday and the expected heat
However Browny has expressed his desire to open the bar. If
anyone if interested in training or attending the Bar can you give him a quick

I’m not chasing loose women

Far be it for me to turn this into a public “Where’s Will” thing, but I felt it pertinent to reply to Scott’s shameful accusations of me “chasing loose women.” More’s the pity. I’m not doing that, nor am I entrenched in an alcoholic stupor…I’ve got bloody flu again, and feel like death warmed up. The closest I’ve come to anything Scott has inferred is being high on Day Night Nurse…!