New blog for ABC Grandstand

Rae Allen writes:

Hi Will,

Just thought I’d let you know the new ABC cricket site has been launched in a
blog format at

John Buchanan will do a preview and review of each match over the Australian

Shiny Mark is back

Post 1001, and it’s back to business as it appears that Mark “Shiny” Nicholas is back on Channel 9. His contract wasn’t renewed a month ago – but Dave mentioned it yesterday, and the plucky people at ABC are gratuitously back-patting themselves. And why not!? Is Mark gaining a cult following I wonder…?

Nicho nicks off Nine

The news that Mark Nicholas’ contract with Channel Nine hasn’t been renewed struck me as more than a little bizarre. I can’t believe there isn’t something more to this, and the always-insightful chaps at ABC have been mulling it over. Seems, on the whole, the Aussies are fans of the smooth-talking Nicho (“Wowza!” “Helllooooooooooo!” “GOODness ME” were some of his catchphrases this summer, usually when Pietersen was at the crease.). More at ABC’s sportsdesk.