Choking Boks battle past Slinger Malinga

Oh the Boks have done it again! 206 for 5 chasing 210…they’re currently 208 for 9! Malinga took four in four balls (spread over two overs) oh, bugger, South Africa have edged it. Robin Peterson has whalloped Malinga for four to win by a single wicket. What remarkable bottling boks they are. Battling boks, I suppose I should say…

Can’t remember who was on comms at the time, but they did a fine job at CI

48.2 Malinga to Peterson, FOUR, Peterson does it for SA with a edge past the slip. Fullish, outside off stump, Peterson drives, gets a outside edge and it runs down to third man boundary. SA have won. They choked at the end but have pulled it off. Peterson jumps in the air, pumps his fist and then smashes the stumps down at the other end. Immediately apologises!

Worth reading the commentary for the last five wickets. What a match.

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