Mushtaq Ahmed’s Twenty20 Vision

Reborn as a cricketer, as a person
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A very positive review from Bruce Talbot of Mushtaq ‘Mushy’ Ahmed’s book, Twenty20 Vision: My Life and Inspiration.

Mushtaq was re-born as a person and eventually as a cricketer, although Sussex supporters will be disappointed that only six pages – the smallest chapter in the book – are devoted to his amazing success with the county since 2003.

His outstanding county career is strangely ignored in a statistical appendix that does not do justice to his record and it is a shame that the publisher’s budget did not stretch to a wider selection of photographs. But these are minor gripes. Mushtaq has written that rarity among current players – an honest appraisal of his life so far. Sussex supporters in particular will hope there are a few more chapters left to tell.

Buy it for a smidgen over a tenner.