Australia claim the (Basra) Ashes

Back from my travels, where I was (nearly) blissfully ignorant of all things cricket, but for the annoyingly tantalising dish plonked on my Provincial mansion which streamed Sky News. I couldn’t resist a peak and, after enjoying the clipped report of Zimbabwe’s utter Aussie thrashing, my mood was deflated after watching a truly pitiful England rugby side get trampled over by South Africa.

But what’s this? The bloody Australians have fought back, beating England in the World Twenty20 and also in Basra. How dispiriting. Our soldiers have a hard enough time in Iraq without the exhausting ignominy of losing a game of cricket to them.

Andrew Miller, I presume, has done a report for Cricinfo via his many varied contacts, and there’s a gallery of the travesty too. Meanwhile, here’s a random photo.
A photo of a house in Provence