‘A ridiculously crowded international schedule’

Andrew Strauss has blamed his loss of form, luck and his Test place partly on the ‘ridiculously crowded international schedule’. He does not strike me as someone who gives up easily, or who minces his words, and his column at Sunday Telegraph makes for depressing reading.

Without any sort of window in the last 18 months – in a ridiculously crowded international schedule – to take stock, make technical changes and refresh the mind, turning it around has been extremely difficult.

It isn’t that I have been completely out of form, unable to contend with the rigours of Test cricket, but rather that I have been caught in a limbo, where every decent innings seemed to be followed by a low score. Without nailing a couple of really substantial contributions to silence the doubters, the pressure has grown.

When will the ICC realise that they are running a sport that is eroding from within? Cricket is doomed if they continue to run talented players – their most prized commodity, surely? – into the ground, beyond repair. Strauss is the latest victim of the crammed schedule. Who will be next?

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