Cook Islands…this is London calling

T’interweb’s a fascinating thing really. I spy with my beady eye, five people reading from the Cook Islands. Identify yourselves immediately!

Avast, m’hearties.

Elias Henry Hendren

Here’s an old caricature drawing of Patsy Hendren, the former England and Middlesex batsman (and a bit of a leg end, it must be said. 170 first-class hundreds…)

Patsy Hendren caricature

More info on Patsy at Cricinfo. Drawing found at Flickr.

Justin Langer is Batman

Local news programmes are always hilariously glib, but tonight’s thrill-a-minute Spotlight – the South West’s primary form of entertainment, now ahead of incest – provided a gem when they referred to Justin Langer as the former Australian Batman.

Well, it’s more flattering than Gnome I suppose.

Cricket’s carbon footprint

The fresh sea air has made me think. Maybe the ICC should be put under pressure for cricket’s ever increasing carbon footprint as a way to persuade them to play less cricket. With the exception of Zimbabwe, and other minnows, I don’t think a host nation should play more than one country in any one season. Stage five or six Tests, six one-dayers and keep it at that instead of three and four-match series involving two countries. The current set-up provides masses of cricket, not all of it as intense or enthralling as the public deserve.Never thought the damned carbon footprint hype could prove useful to cricket, but maybe it can!

Well, something has to be done so that’s my solution. What’s yours?

Collingwood’s £1000 lap dance

Excellent news. Of course, the £1000 fine has probably levelled his mood just a little, but I’m all for “professional sportsmen”, – as they insist they are called – getting caught having fun. It makes our jobs so much more fun.

PS: and tonight, Andrew Flintoff is being interviewed by Piers Morgan (I think) on Pedalo Gate. A nice irony.

Video of India’s bowl-out against Pakistan

For those who missed it, like me, here’s the video of India’s bowl-out in the World Twenty20 against Pakistan. Cricinfo’s comms is useful too.

Cricket, the new cologne

There are no words I can use to describe the horror that is this video. Cricket; the new cologne.

Click here if you can’t see the video.

Australia claim the (Basra) Ashes

Back from my travels, where I was (nearly) blissfully ignorant of all things cricket, but for the annoyingly tantalising dish plonked on my Provincial mansion which streamed Sky News. I couldn’t resist a peak and, after enjoying the clipped report of Zimbabwe’s utter Aussie thrashing, my mood was deflated after watching a truly pitiful England rugby side get trampled over by South Africa.

But what’s this? The bloody Australians have fought back, beating England in the World Twenty20 and also in Basra. How dispiriting. Our soldiers have a hard enough time in Iraq without the exhausting ignominy of losing a game of cricket to them.

Andrew Miller, I presume, has done a report for Cricinfo via his many varied contacts, and there’s a gallery of the travesty too. Meanwhile, here’s a random photo.
A photo of a house in Provence

Twenty20 Super 8s

Can you keep up with all the action? I certainly can’t. Apparently Brett Lee took a hat-trick last night and the South Africans beat the English, meanwhile the Indians lost to New Zealand, and in the long grass, Sri Lanka are having a fine tournament.

There’s more cricket then you can poke a stump at just at the moment, with these games going hither and yon- a nice change from the longer format World Cup. Discuss events as they occur.

Australia beat England, again

I can’t approve of the format, but the result seems perfectly adequate.