Worst attributes for a cricket radio commentator

As per the subject, what would be the worst attributes for a cricket radio commentator? I’ll just throw this one out to the public, after the hilarious response to my last off-beat topic (“Most inappropriate celebrity cricket commentators“).

I guess those with limited hearing, or limited eyesight (deaf and blind, to be blunt). And any politican would be hopeless and inappropriate.

The French.

Americans, en generale.

Yes, basically this is a “cricket is superior, now bog off and let’s laugh at your ignorance at its great glory” post.

For that matter, anyone with Tourette’s would struggle to persuade even the most liberal producer that he deserves a stint in the TMS hot seat (“Here comes McGrath, on a lovely sunny morning…he’s up to the wicket, forward comes Joyce* TOSS BAGS he’s bowled him BUGGER IT, oh, do excuse me.” So, Tourette’s sufferers would struggle I think. Mind you, so would I; I’d brick it if I had to speak to several million on the radio.

Over to you.

* Ed Joyce. [yes he'll be playing then, you see]

P.S. don’t, anyone, suggest “Being female” as an attribute. You saw what happened last time

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