What’s a dill?

Ah, splendid. Wraye emails to reveal the two words Shane Warne uttered in earshot of the stump mic were “Fucking dill” and “softcock”. There’s a bit of a hoohar going on about the microphone, which has provided immense amusement to me and no doubt most people – but not Australia. They were unaware their poetry was being broadcast, and would like to be left alone to abuse and torment South Africa in private. Fair enough if you ask me.

What, though, is a dill? Because for most of my life, my brother’s called me a dill-head, dill-brain and a f****** dill-weed (in a brotherly sort of way you understand). I always took them as a compliment, but now that I’m significantly taller than him, I might have to take issue with the term dill!

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