West Indies beat Australia

Brilliant performance! What an effort – hat-trick from Taylor. This is massive.

Brief thoughts a few hours later

McGrath wasn’t impressive. He still has a yorker, but he’ll need more than that against England. At the moment he looks old and rusty.

Shane Watson wasn’t impressive. He should be – yet he isn’t. Cricinfo’s resident outspoken oracle, known to many as Bungo and to some as OI YOU, thinks Andrew Symonds is by far the superior cricketer. Symonds is such the fiend of Australia cricket yet he does have a hint of the unexpected and the magic. Watson looks like he’s got a B+ in his “How To Be An Allrounder” A-Levels. But now, preparing for a career as an allround cricketer, he looks short of class. And this is coming from me – I rated the guy highly not long ago! Turncoat turncoat turncoat.

West Indies were in their faces, and Australia do not like it. They didn’t like it against England and it’s quite obvious that it upsets them. They really are the crocodile with a soft underbelly at the moment.

It’s a fascinating scenario. Why, then, am I absolutely soiling myself about Saturday’s mini-Ashes match? Because England are shocking at one-dayers. Go on England, don’t be wimps; they don’t like it up ‘em. Kick some booty.

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