Warne’s blog: is it him?

As Alan Sugar says, “I like winners, but I’m no gambler”. Warne is a winner and a gambler though, and his new blog is worth a read. I’m not yet convinced it’s him – how would he have the time to do it? – but judging from the style of the writing, it could well be. His latest entry is pretty interesting.

While answering these questions, I was involved in a game of poker with the journalists and one man from The Star fired a million questions at me and still won the first pot taking two thirds of my chips. There was not even a smirk as he raked in an arm full of chips from a four man pot. Dean Wilson is his name and one that I shall I remember as a bit of a poker player.

It wasn’t all bad though with the journos. One poker magazine, Total Gambler, was so short stacked that I went all-in blind and he called. He was confident – I hadn’t even seen my cards and I was a big underdog when I turned over a 6 of clubs and the big slick (ace king). At least I had flush chances and hoped for a straight but it looked liked Adios time until the flop (2,5,7) gave me an open-ended straight draw. He was still ahead and the flush was gone but I now had nines, fours, eights and sixes on my side and the turn came with a beautiful nine giving me a straight. Steve McDowell of Total Gambler is a reasonable player but he called me a Lucky ******* as the river came with nothing, winning me the hand.

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