Warne survives the boot-camp (just)

Shane Warne has revealed what he and his team-mates have been up to at the boot camp – a John Buchanan concept – in the past week, including some tasks more associated with the military than sportsmen:

I was shattered. But just as the night went silent, voices screamed: “Go, go, go!”. What on earth was going on? A stun-bomb had gone off, and we were told the area wasn’t safe. We had to move. Now. There were no torches or directions.
All we had been given for dinner was half a can of chunky soup, so our energy reserves were low after pulling vans and carrying litres of water. But we had to go. It was time to prove our mental resolve and move to a different location.

Welcome to the Australian cricket squad’s boot camp in regional Queensland, a time where we had only been referred to as numbers, not names, and weren’t allowed to communicate with the outside world.

Despite voicing his indifference to the idea beforehand, Warne said “there’s no doubt it brought the group closer together.”

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