Wacky John and his wacky ways

I can’t make sense of this “boot camp” Australia are going on. John Buchanan has bucked the coaching trend many times, but this is just obscure. They’ve just left for it this morning, and here are the tantalising details:

Australia’s cricketers have started their preparation for this year’s Ashes series, leaving Brisbane early this morning for a secret training camp somewhere in the Queensland bush.

Cricket Australia’s 25 contracted players will be in the remote boot camp in south-east Queensland for the next four days.

Newspaper reports today say the players will be deprived of food and sleep and subjected to a military-style training regime.

The players were told to pack bare essentials only.

Deprived of food and sleep is going to help them how, exactly? Will they be similarly rationed during the Ashes, too? Ridiculous load of tosh if you ask me. It goes without saying that if you just happen to be a Queenslander, and have 11-15 new cricketing neighbours, you should contact me immediately!

Maybe it’s a double-bluff. Perhaps they’ve been transported to a hideaway five star hotel, with signed copies of Duncan Fletcher’s book

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