Viv Richards’s 189* on TV

Thanks to Arlo, splendid fellow of Test Match Special fame, it appears King Viv’s monstrous 189 will be on t’telly on Sunday:

If you have satellite or cable, tell the other half that you’re busy on Sunday. From 11am until 7pm, ESPN Classics are showing highlights of the entire Test series plus the Texaco Trophy (Viv Richards 189 not out, remember?).

Greenidge’s double hundreds, Malcolm Marshall breaking his hand and still hitting Paul Allott for four, Allott taking 6 wickets in an innings, Joel Garner steaming in, Andy Lloyd breaking his arm. I was only 11 at the time, but watching it, it seemed like, well to be honest, 22 years ago.

I don’t have Sky…I have the poor man’s version, known as Freeview – whose reception is about as good as Darrell Hair walking into the Pakistan dressing room with a beaming smile. But if you do, you can watch it.

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