Video: West Indies v Australia, Third Test, 1999

I watched this video (14 mins) the other day of the West Indies against Australia, in the third Test at Bridgetown in 1999. For various reasons, that particular year was a total bloody washout for me, and I missed a lot of the cricket that went on. So it’s great to see a video of such a tense Test, and doubly great to see messyrs Ambrose and Walsh. However, what struck me most was…

  • How roly-poly Shane Warne was back then
  • How superb Austalia were under Steve Waugh
  • Jason Gillespie used to bowl quickly
  • Jason Gillespie swung it and moved it off the seam at will
  • Glenn McGrath used to bowl quickly
  • Glenn McGrath swung it and moved it off the seam at will
  • Glenn McGrath was an angry, bitter, and quite remarkably aggressive competitor
  • Australia must miss having Mark Waugh in the slips

Rightly or wrongly, Australia of 2005 are nothing compared to the 1999 model. The old model had bite, power and uncompromising aggression. The new model seems a bit lost; their warhorses and spearheads are, to be blunt, blunter than they once were. Watch the video and see if you’re as surprised as I am at their slick, machine-like qualities.

As a sidenote, what a knock by Lara!

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