Video of Damien Fleming’s near hat-trick against India

I’d forgotten about this:

End of over 30 (5 runs) India 91/5 (305 more runs req)
GD McGrath 8-1-26-2 (4nb) – Cathedral End
SC Ganguly 41* (69b 4×4) MSK Prasad 11* (37b)

30.1 Fleming to Ganguly, no run, back foot defence to cover
30.2 Fleming to Ganguly, two runs, forced off the back foot through
forward of square leg
30.3 Fleming to Ganguly, OUT: top edged hook shot, brilliant diving
right handed catch-not bad for a left handed keeper

India 93/6, Partnership of 45
SC Ganguly c Gilchrist b Fleming 43 (72b 4×4 0×6)
MSK Prasad 11* (37b) DW Fleming 5.3-1-23-2

30.4 Fleming to Agarkar, OUT: firm footed drive off the full face of the
bat to the 2nd gully

India 93/7, Partnership of 0
AB Agarkar c SR Waugh b Fleming 0 (1b 0×4 0×6)
MSK Prasad 11* (37b) DW Fleming 5.4-1-23-3

30.5 Fleming to Srinath, one run, edged a widish delivery off the back
foot to first slip where Warne put down the catch at shoulder
30.6 Fleming to MSK Prasad, no run

Scorecard. He removed Sourav Ganguly then Ajit Agarkar…but Warne put down the third, an absolute dolly! As Tufnell might say, ‘appy days…

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