Vaughan and his duck

There has been a quiet, bubbling undertone of farce surrounding Michael Vaughan’s injury. Armfuls of straws have been shipped to Australia, and everyone is clutching at them in blind hope.

Straws. Armfuls of straws

For no other reason than he is the captain who retained the Ashes, he is seen as the only one who can keep Australia from regaining them. Desperation was always likely to be in plentiful supply after a trouncing at Brisbane, but the interest in Vaughan has been an unwelcome distraction for England’s preparations to Adelaide. In a one-day match against the might (no sarcasm intended as you’ll find out) of Western Australia 2nd XI, Vaughan last seven balls and walked back to the pavilion for nought. At one point England Academy were 12 for 5 and Vaughan could only wryly smile at the hopelessness of the situation.

Even if he his knee somehow survives these warm-ups; even if he does find form; even if he does hit a century and take seven wickets with his offspin, is he really going to be ushered in and will he really be ready to lead England in Australia? He’s practically gone bald and grey since he last played for England. Only Brearley did the grey thing to any great success. The less said about Andrew Caddick the better.

Call me a cynic, call me a bitter old bastard but I don’t see it happening. Worse still, it’s another destabilising factor for England who, at the moment, can hardly walk in a straight line without falling over.

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