Under a month to go. It’s like waiting for Christmas

This is ridiculous. I honestly feel as though I’m five-years-old waiting for Christmas again. What is it about the Ashes which stirs so much in us? It’s epic, huge, massive – the biggest series for Englishmen and Australians. Why the heck does it mean so much? Bloody hell – under a month to go! Incidentally (and I desperately need to think of a new word for, erm, that word), one month before the last Ashes, this happened. Wooooo.

I received a cautious ticking off (?) from the girl who will be known here only as L, who I think I might have spoken of before in a roundabout way. She found the blog and a comment I’d made. She’s not very into cricket – but she is trying, which is mighty fine of her! Her Dad recently reminded her that this Ashes thing was beginning again in a month’s time…so how, dear readers, can we convince her the forthcoming clash is so big, so massive and so important?

The non-believers must be persuaded.

Incidentally, are there any cricket fans (specifically from England/Australia) who care not-a-jot for t’Ashes? I can’t imagine there will be…

And incidentally again, I’ll go a little bit mental if I receive any “you’re neglecting other aspects of cricket on your blog” emails during the Ashes. Get with it! I’m English!