Thoughts on scribes

The Guardian is touting Gideon Haigh on its Ashes webpage as ‘the world’s best cricket writer’.

That’s the sort of boosterism that I thought those lefties at the Guardian were dead-set against. But I digress.

After all, how would you define someone as ‘the best cricket writer’? Is it because he’s the most readable writer going around, or because he is the most descriptive? And there is two definate styles of writing, the ‘reportage’ and the ‘analysis’. So that makes defining the ‘best’ an even more subjective task.

So in effect, there are multiple writers that could reasonably be classed as ‘the best’, by each individual. And there’s plenty of individuals with their own ideas. Who are your ‘best writers’? And what do you want your ‘scribes’ to be writing about?

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