This week last year

Now that I’ve been mumbling here for some time, I thought it’d be interesting to see what I said a year ago. On the right left, if you scroll down, you’ll see a “This week last year” heading with a list of what I scribbled, well…you get the idea. Quite interesting (for me), and shows how far my self-subbing has come on. I like to think I wasn’t too shoddy back then, before joining Cricinfo – and I’m by nowhere near where I ought to be yet! – but it’s fascinating reading things and thinking “ARGHH no. No no no. That’s poor English, Will”.

Hmm…I wonder if people who read Cricinfo are aware how seriously we take our writing. Are you aware? Well you should be! We are fallible, of course, but we take it very seriously and it was the outstanding aspect of my first week there, last July, just how very important an erroneous comma is; the Cricinfo House Style (more on that another time) and so on. It’s all thoroughly exciting for us, and for those who enjoy words, wreading and riting and things. Lukily, my sppeling haz immprooved to.

Anyway, I’d forgotten what I used to call Glenn McGrath. Remember the kerfuffle about Lord’s tickets on eBay? And what about Kevin Pietersen missing out to Ian Bell?! It was all getting very Ashesy too.